Novel Project

by Mason and Jordan

Personal Problem

Hi my name is Sam. I have a personal problem ,and i need help. I am in alot of trouble and I do not know what to do. I am currently in jail , and may have to do community service or go to jail !! Please help me out ?!



Hello Sam ! I havent been in your shoes or had any case like yours . I don't know what you should do but you're in a tight situation . What you should do is community service it just depend on how long you are supposed to serve.


a young man hacks for the U.S. internet. He gets in a lot of trouble and doesn't know what to do. What will happen next!


What happened next in the article was devastating. Sam is in a lot of trouble. He is in jail about to get punished and he does not know what to do.


Sam was a loving, sweet man. Sometimes he was determined to get stuff, but he will be missed


50 inch tv.
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