Crabber Code Newsletter

April/May 2015

Discipline Data

April's discipline data reflects an increase in discipline referrals.

The top offenses included:

  • Tardies- 51
  • Skipping- 25
  • Disruptive Behavior- 19
  • Disorderly Conduct- 18
  • Leaving School Grounds- 16
  • Insubordination- 14

Infractions by grade include:

  • 9th grade- 95 referrals
  • 10th grade- 31 referrals
  • 11th grade- 47 referrals
  • 12th grade- 21 referrals

There are a total of 1271 referrals for the year and a more than 50% decline in referrals from last year.

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Benchmarks of Quality-- Mid Year Report

The PBIS Team is pleased to announce that our BOQ score has increased from 67% to 83%. The Benchmarks of Quality are used to assess the following:

  • Examine Universal (Tier I) implementation fidelity – Are we doing what we said we would do?
  • Document whether the Tier I implementation has been effective – Does our implementation have a positive impact?
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in the Tier I implementation – What are our strengths that we can acknowledge? What could we do to improve?

April Faculty Member of the Month- Lt. Col. Morgan

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Management Corner

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Management System that Works--- Ms. Rice and Class Dojo

The year is winding down and students are becoming restless. Try using class dojo to keep kids motivated in class. Go to and set up an account. It is free!!!

Q: Mrs. Rice, how do you incorporate class dojo in your class.

A: I was having great difficulty keeping my 8th block class focused and on tasks. They enjoyed socializing and clowning around more than doing their work. The last straw was when they were horrible for the sub when I was away for the FCCLA conference. I decided to use the Class Dojo website in order to acknowledge their behavior both negative and positive. The student with the most point at the end of the class gets a Crabber Buck. The student at the end of the month receives a prize from the "grab bag" which has fun items like different pens and pencils. It really has helped them stay focus and work toward good behavior. We keep the score board up all class except while doing notes but they know that I am keeping track of the points on my phone while lecturing.