So help the honeybees.

If the honeybee population becomes extinct.

We believe that the honeybee population is decreasing because of pesticides.If the honeybee population becomes extinct then they wouldn't spread pollen which would cause the decreasing of oxygen and food production. The decreasing of oxygen and food production can cause humans to die. So we need to protect the honeybees. Without the honeybees all the fruits we eat from plant will die, as well as fibers spices and medicines.That is why we need the honeybees

What pesticides are doing to honeybees.

Pesticide Kills

One way honeybees die from pesticides is by getting direct contact with it. Or a honeybee can go back to the hive with the pesticides chemicals and spread them through out the hive and kill more honeybees. When a honeybee comes back to the hive with the pesticide chemicals the hive may suffer additionally from Chilled Brood and Brood diseases.

By: Aiden, Jack, and Ryland