Middle School Save Rafe!

Author: James Patterson Book Blog: Christy Jackson

Middle School Save Rafe!

Author ~ James Patterson

Publisher ~ Chris Tebbetts

IBSN ~ 9780316405997

Genre of the book ~ Fiction

Awards ~ teen choice of best book

Personal review ~ After Rafe's rough summer at summer camp, He is scared when he finds out he has to be held back in school because he does not have outdoor skills. Rafe has to be put to the final test by rock climbing. The book is also funny, imaginable, I always get lost in the book because the book hooks me in with all of the adventures.

He liked camp until he found out it was military camp because then he had to face his fears of highs, and working out by running. He does not like school because the teachers are mean, he gets bullied, and he always get expelled every year.

Two professional reviews ~ 1. Locationed on: Amazon.com 2. Locationed on: Times Dispath.

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