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Updates on School Closing & Remote Learning as of 4-28-20

Updates on Remote Learning at Marian


A Continuation of our Remote Learning Plan to the End of the School Year

As the Governor closes schools for the rest of the school year, we needed to develop a continuation of our Remote Learning Plan to the end of the year. Please click here to read what will be going out to our families tomorrow, addressing grades, final exams, cleanouts and pickups, and other end-of-year events.

Teachers, please be aware that end of semester grade meetings will be between May 21 and May 22 (more information to follow). More information will also be coming on arrangements for the end of the year when all of you to be able to come to school to check out and clean out your rooms. Stay tuned!

Governor Pritzker Closes Schools for the Rest of the 2019-20 School Year

As you may have heard, today, April 17, 2020, Governor Pritzker announced the closing of Illinois schools for the rest of this school year. This is very heartbreaking, not only for our staff but more importantly for our students. Our students need us even more so now than ever... not just continuously providing the curriculum, but making connections and supporting all of our students socially, emotionally, and spiritually.

Please know that Administration will be making very difficult decisions about how to approach the typical end of the year celebrations... but are looking to approach this decisionmaking in the most creative and innovative way possible in order to best support our entire Marian Community during this unprecedented time.

Beginning on Monday, April 13
, Marian Central will be implementing our new Remote Learning Plan, as laid out in the remote Learning Guide linked here.

This plan lays out a clear and consistent schedule for pushing out your lessons so there will be no conflict with any other teacher/subject, revised guidelines on student submission and attendance times, and important guidelines on how to provide a balanced lesson delivery that will help you provide the best possible instruction to your students.

This plan (the parent/student portion) is going to be pushed out to Marian families at the end of this week so they are aware of the changes.

Thank you for continuing to provide a strong curriculum, holding your students accountable for their education, and keeping the needle of education moving for all your students!

In addition, please note the various meetings on the schedule... We will begin these virtual meetings, as per the schedule starting next week. You will be receiving the meeting invites via your email.

Mandated Reporter ~ IMPORTANT

First, if you have not yet completed your Mandated Reporter training through DCFS... it is required, so please complete immediately!

The DCFS Mandated Reporter Training is available at:!loginPage.action?request_locale=en.

(You will need to create an account)

You were supposed to complete this before April 1, after which you will not need to do this again until the 2022-23 school year! Once you complete the training, please provide Ms. DiSilvio (you can forward via email) with a copy of both the Acknowledgement of Mandated Reporter Status and the certificate of completion for our records.

Please also note the following communication from DCFS:

Dear Illinois Educator:

The Department of Children and Family Services wants to thank you for all you are doing to support your students during this crisis. DCFS relies on educators like you to help us protect children. You report abuse and neglect more than any other group of mandated reporters.

With physical school buildings closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the added stress that families are experiencing with the outbreak, your vulnerable students are at greater risk of harm. Since the closure of schools in mid-March, hotline calls have dramatically decreased. This is where DCFS, once again, needs the help of educators.

Remote learning has begun in most districts throughout Illinois. Some of your districts are even doing remote learning with video, allowing teachers to maintain face-to-face contact with students. Our "ask" is that you continue to be mindful of the wellbeing of the children you are tasked with educating. As a mandated reporter, your assessment of the safety of our most vulnerable children is needed now more than ever. Please continue to do as you had in your classrooms and report concerns regarding the safety and wellbeing of your students.

Our Hotline is working at full capacity and remains prepared to take calls 24 hours a day. Currently most calls are handled in real-time without requiring a call-back. Our Child Protection Specialists continue to respond to hotline calls with face-to-face contact within 24 hours to assess child safety.

As a reminder, our hotline number is 800-25-ABUSE (800-252-2873). For non-emergencies, please make your report online at To assist you in submitting the required CANTS 5 (Written Confirmation of Child Abuse/Neglect Report: Mandated Reporters), you have the option of emailing this document to:

We share your deep commitment to the safety of all the children of Illinois. These unprecedented times require that we forge a stronger partnership more than ever. DCFS cannot do this work without you. I am proud of the work you do as educator and the vital role you play protecting our children.


Marc D. Smith
Acting Director, Illinois Department of Children and Family Services

406 E. Monroe Street, Springfield, IL 62701
217-557-2690 • 217-299-8905 cell

My Dad drew a mask on Rosie! Great reminder... We certainly CAN do it! Stay strong my friends!

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School Closing and Access to School

Building Availability:

Although personnel who are ensuring that students have access to remote learning instruction are performing essential functions that are exempt from the "Stay at Home" mandate, we would still suggest that you limit your time at school to running in and out for something you need to do your job (is at all)... but nothing more. The school's alarms will still be off (allowing access) between 7 am - 7 pm Monday through Friday... but please, only come if there are no other alternatives. Please remember...NO MORE THAN 10 people grouping together...which means that if you need to meet with someone from your department, you can, but keep it small and keep it short!

We will be arranging for you to clean out your classrooms shortly... stay tuned!



Video Conferencing Etiquette Tips (This will be pushed out on the Friday Focus today as well as being under the "remote Learning" tab on the Marian website)

Video Conferencing Security Steps This document gives tips and video links on how to ensure your video conferencing is secure.

Remember, GoToMeeting, Zoom, and Teams great video conferencing platforms!

>>GoToMeeting: On Friday, March 27 you should have all gotten an email with the subject heading of Join a team account for LogMeIn products


LogMeIn <>

This is a Diocesan License for the video conferencing tool "GoToMeeting" and the Diocese is requesting that teachers to use this tool.

If you did not see or respond to this email, please look in your spam or even trash folder and once you find it, please create your account. In case you can't find it, the Diocese has requested another push out of the email should have been done just a few moments ago for your convenience. Gotomeeting allows teachers to video conference with students. They are doing 90 day free accounts for schools. Here is a video that shows how it works.

Click here for updates to GoToMeeting security features.

Microsoft Teams for video conferencing!

This is a great short video from Alice Keeler which explains Teams meetings with students. Alice Keeler actually has a lot of short You Tube videos on getting started with Teams.

Resources & Professional Development

This is a cool, comprehensive resource for online learning! Check it out!

Are you using Albert? If so, please complete the following survey. Link to Albert Survey

This will go a long way in helping them to continue to meet the needs of teachers going forward.

The Boone/Winnebago ROE has created a self-paced, online book study for your staff to get some needed PDC's during this time of no face to face professional development. Click here for more information!

Stay in Touch with your Department Heads & Administration

During Remote Learning, please check emails often for continual updates or important information.