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The 4C's of Technology Integration

Tech Tips

Digital Citizenship

Modeling Digital Citizenship with Proactive Parent Communication

What Is It? When it comes to parent communication, it pays to be proactive! Plus, including students in these conversations builds transparency and trust. But, for busy teachers, keeping up can be a challenge. Thankfully, with the help of some digital tools and strategies, you can make things a lot easier. Finding the right online space for your parent audience and engaging them there helps make follow-up conversations more informed, productive, and actionable. And when everyone’s in the loop, we give students opportunities to take accountability for their own learning all while demonstrating how to communicate as a Digital Citizen.
Suggested Tools for Digital Citizenship

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In the Zone

In the January 2017 edition of the D.O.T.: School Zones section, we mentioned Technology has divided the FWISD campuses into “zones” that will work together on training and professional growth. In the coming weeks Technology Learning Coaches (TLC) will be conducting training events that will be open to all staff from the zone’s different campuses!

This is also where you will begin to see us highlighting educators and classrooms that are putting technology to work for themselves and their students. Look in the “In the Zone” section of your monthly newsletter to see if we’ve highlighted you or even someone right down the hall from you. See the image below for a list of all the schools in your Zone.
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Collaboration Across State Lines!

At Amon Carter-Riverside High School, English teacher Ms. Wilborn and her students are currently studying Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. They are working in conjunction with Ms. Derleth and her students of Ramsey High School in Ramsey, NJ. The classes use Skype to connect with each other to discuss major points in the novel. They use Google Docs to collaborate daily to examine the characters, themes, symbolism, tone, and narrative strategies. By connecting with a school across the country, both groups of students gain insight by sharing their personal perspective and reactions to the book.

Every month we will feature exciting classroom activities and achievements taking place on the Zone 1 Campuses. The table below shows which campuses are included in Zone 1 and those campus' Technology Learning Coaches.
Your PLN on the Fly...
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