No Teacher Left Behind!

Teachers: Don't be left in the dust without new techniques!

Let's ensure that teachers are up-to-date with current techniques and strategies!

Teachers cannot be afraid of what they do not know. One way for teachers to be kept up-to-date would be to offer online videos or how-to's for them to view and practice techniques. Any type of interactive lesson that could be provided for teachers to complete in their own time would be beneficial. Now, we all know that teachers do not have much free time. However, if "classes" of this type were offered to be viewed during a teacher's spare time, I think that it would be likely they would be able to keep themselves up-to-date. There could be those few teachers who would just say they did, and don't. I think it could be a possibility for Principals to view this as a requirement to keep their faculty current with trending strategies and techniques. Teachers that have been teaching for a while, might view this as boring or something they don't need. Those teachers should be the target focus for classes such as these. In my opinion this could be set up similarly to Khan Academy.

Common Core??

Common Core for students, why not Common Core for teachers?

The students in the United States of America are being required to learn according to the same standards, should our teachers be required to learn according to the same standards as well? Yes, American teachers have a TON of requirements already, but don't we want our teachers to all know similar things and be able to teach our students according to what is current in the 21st century? The teacher's Common Core, could be set up and taught to them as Professional Development. Teachers would have to participate in certain classes so that they were aware of new techniques and could apply them to their classroom.

Do all teachers need to use the same practices?

I do not believe ALL teachers in America need to use exactly the same practices, but I do support ALL teachers being exposed to the most current practices and strategies to help their students be successful. How can we as teachers help our students be college and career ready if we cannot teach them 21st century skills because we don't know them?

NETS-T... do you know what this acronym means?

There are so many acronym's in the world of Education. NETS-T is just another one, but do you use it or even know what it means? Before starting this class, I was not aware of the NETS-T. This is a set of standards for teachers to be sure they are implementing and utilizing technology in the classroom the correct way. I don't believe that teachers are well prepared to master these standards in their classroom, which supports my idea of Common Core for teachers.