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Kelsey Weston

Common Purpose

Common purpose is having one goal for a group of people that understand why and what to do to achieve that goal. With common purpose a leader must think about everyone involved and must respect their weaknesses and strengths. Leaders must be able to recognize that people are individuals and need a strong leader to find that one common purpose. With leading a group of people, leaders will be more successful with finding a common purpose in the situation because there will be no shed of mistrust.

Charlie Chapman

  • In this video you can see that Charlie Chapman found the common purpose when he was presenting the idea that war should not be an option. He wanted more for Russian people then just conquering the people. He believed that greed has poisoned the men's souls (Chapman) because nobody should be forced to follow someone without fully understanding why. Charlie believed that men should not just fight to fight but fight for a reason. Dictators are the cause of people to feel like they have to follow with no common goal, leaders are people that have a common purpose that will fight for what's right and listen to each individual. Common purpose is what the United States uses everyday which give the people the choice to choose what they want to lead and who they want to follow.