love the one you're with

Emily Giffin

Playlist for Love The One You're With

Ellen has the perfect life, the perfect husband, and a career she is passionate about. After almost a decade her ex, Leo, threatens to ruin all of this. Leo has always brought out the worst in Ellen, showing up again he ignites long lost emotions in Ellen. Ellen must make the decision between true love and real life.

I chose a variety of different genres to represent the change in emotions Ellen feels throughout the whole book.

"Hello" by Adele

At the beginning of the book the newly married Ellen is standing at a cross walk in the middle of New York City. Through the pouring rain she see's him: Leo her first real love and ex-boyfriend. This is the first time Ellen has seen Leo since their "clean" break-up. She tries to escape to a near by diner. Moments after ordering a coffee and bagel her phone rings. After 8 years and 16 days she finally hears his voice again. I chose this song because like Leo, Adele is calling her ex after many years and I feel it fits perfectly into this scene.

"Marvin Gaye" Charlie Puth and Meghan Trainor

Margot and Ellen were best friends throughout college and after. Margot and Andy also happen to be brother and sister. One Thanksgiving Ellen goes home with Margot. After dinner she is doing dishes and Andy volunteers to help. Andy and Ellen make small talk for a while before Andy asks Ellen out on a date. Ellen decides she is finally ready to move on from Leo and Andy is what she needs. I chose Marvin Gaye because it's a song about two people who are willing to try something. It may not work but why not give it a shot? I feel this is the attitude Andy and Ellen had when they decided to go out on a date.

"What Hurts The Most" Rascal Flatts

After dating for more than a year Ellen and Leo's relationship is falling apart. Leo never puts any effort into it and is becoming more and more distant every day. Eventually Ellen does the inevitable. She tells Leo she thinks they need to break up and without hesitation Leo agrees. With that Ellen walks out and doesn't talk to Leo again until eight years later. I chose what hurts the most because Ellen wasn't ready to end things with Leo. Like the lyrics say "watching you walk away, having so much to say..." Ellen thought Leo would protest but he didn't. Heartbroken, Ellen mopes around for months until Margot gives her a reality check.

"Home Alone Tonight" Luke Bryan

Ellen gets the opportunity of a life time to do a photo shoot with Drake Watters, her high school heart throb. The only problem: Leo recommended her to the magazine. Ellen knows there is some kind of loop hole since Leo set it up but she agrees to do the shoot any way. After arriving in L.A., where the shoot is taking place, she plans to meet her sister at the bar of the hotel. There he is again. Leo is sitting at the bar almost like he is waiting for Ellen. Ellen never connected the dots that Leo would be writing the article for the magazine. Leo approaches Ellen and they make small talk for a while. I chose Home Alone Tonight because it talks about meeting someone you weren't expecting and having a few drinks that will make you forget everything out side of the bar. Although Ellen didn't contact Leo after that short chat I feel that Ellen really did want to see him again. This scene seems really intense and I get the same feeling from the song.