The Diary of Anne Frank

Peter Van Daan

Peter Van Daan Biography

Peter: Nov. 8, 1926- May 5, 1945

He was a German refugee who hid with the Frank family in Amsterdam, in the Annex. For the next two years, the families came into hiding without ever going outside. Peter and Anne started a close friendship and everyone was betrayed when someone raided the secret Annex.

Peter Van Daans' death still remains unknown along with his death date. Some said his death is on May 5, 1945. Most historians believed that he died in a concentration camp called Mauthousen or he died in a Death March. (Geni)

Theme of the Diary of Anne Frank

The first theme is hope. Having hope will get you through times of despair is shown throughout the Diary of Anne Frank. Despite the hiding and everything they went through, they still hoped that the war will be over and they will find happiness. One example was a holiday celebration was broken when a thief breaks into the working floor below them and everyone was very disappointed.

Another theme is that having faith in the world will help make situations better. "In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart." (434) one example is that she still believed that the twisted and dark minded people are just misunderstood and needed some kindness in their lives. Another example is that she had faith that she will live a new life and believed that the world is nit evil.

Peter's Personality

The bunny was Peters' symbol because it represented that he is very shy and is very insecure of its surroundings. One example was that he felt like he did not fit in with the people that he moved In with at the Annex.