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Principal's Weekly Newsletter December 9-13 , 2019


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Teacher's Viral 12 Days of Christmas Song

CRITICAL THINKING Easy Ways to Build Metacognitive Skills- Learn strategies to increase student engagement and stop students from asking, “Why are we doing this?”

Congratulations and thank you to Mrs. Johnston!

Mrs. Johnston has done it again!! Thanks for coordinating another successful recognition for our scholars that received all A-B's and perfect attendance for the 2nd six weeks!! You ROCK!

School-wide book study: The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon

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Positive motivation leads to an elite desire to succeed in all aspects of life! Be courageous & persevere with a clear heart & mind! It’s a Champions Mindset!"

Shepherd Middle School Weekly Visibility Walk: Our focus will be Learning Environment Dimension 1.3 Knowledge of Students.

    Through knowledge of students and proven practices, the teacher ensures high levels of learning, social-emotional development and achievement for all students.

    · Academic Language

    · Chunking Text

    · Exit Ticket

    · Graphic Organizer

    · Grappling

    · Open-Ended Responses

    · Post It

    · Product Menus

    · Right is Right

    · Stretch It

    · Student-Generated Questions

    · Take a Stand

    · Tiered Assignments

    · Workstations

    Shepherd Middle School Weekly Wave Walk: Our Focus Area Will be Champs; activity!

    We will be supporting-reinforcing you all in the area of students activities.

    "5 principles of great classroom management"

    1. Let students know what you need, & ask what they need from you.

    2. Differentiate based on individuals.

    3. Listen to thoughts & feelings.

    4. Offer choices.

    5. Use humor.

    Post-It. Please ensure you have your POST-IT posted. Also, please have the POST-IT completed to include warm-ups & closures. We will be observing your awesome lessons and closures!

    Post-It Strategy: Teacher, attached is are the non-negotiable instructional expectations for each classroom. The expectation is that the following Post-It items are visible at all times for students, parents, and administrators.

    Please ensure we conduct Positive phone calls and any other student concerns weekly.

    Please ensure you share your scheduled parent conferences. Building Strong Parent-Teacher Relationships (Our community goal#1). Positive phone calls home will be part of SMS school’s story. Please consider sharing via Twitter #GoodNewsCallOfTheDay as well as tag @PBISRewards in your Tweets. We will be great!

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    Lesson plans are due every Wednesday prior to the week in which you plan delivery at 6:00 PM.

    Please know the deadline was voted unanimously by the team leaders to ensure the instructional leaders will be able to provide feedback in a timely manner prior to the deliverance of the lesson. Thanks for all that you do! There was an email sent Friday, September 13, 2019 noting where to locate the feedback and make changes accordingly.

    Please ensure this has been submitted. Data Analysis – Assessment Performance Reflection.

    During our data dig analysis, we will devise a strategies to ensure student mastery is achieved. For example, how will you re-teach or intervene with students who scored in the 0-49%, what will you do different, or how will you re-teach, spiral, or intervene with low standards in tutorials?
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    Updated Library schedule

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    Pirateriffic Teachers Birthday!!

    Pirateriffic Students Birthday!!

    Weekly Events for December 9-13, 2019

    *** Lesson plans are due by 6:00 PM every Wednesday prior to the week in which you will deliver, so instructional leaders will be able to provide meaningful feedback***

    ***Please do forget to attend your weekly PLCs, and Instructional Binder (handy dandy notebook)***

    ***Team Leadership Meeting, Monday, December 9, 2019, at 6:45 - 7:15 AM***

    ***CBA testing all week***

    ***MS Girls Basketball (H) Thursday, December 12, 2019 ⋅4:30 – 8:00 PM***

    *** Thresholds*** Please continue the "threshold" because you as teachers know the value of greeting and checking the pulse of students before the learning starts!

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    Vocabulary Words of the Week!

    Enhancing vocabulary development is essential for increasing student achievement

    Dr. Yzquierdo @dr_aquagirl says, “Being good at the content part and not at the language part is not good enough anymore.” And “Sentence stems come from the TEKS. “

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    Mrs. Sublett and Mrs. Richardson will be facilitating this PD: What's Working for ELs in Texas,

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