Happy Holidays from Room 113

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Scroll down and share a photo of what you're up to this vacation! We are using the same web-based format from Fall Break. Drag and drop photos onto the board below. Our class will take a look at these photos when we return. The kids love seeing where classmates have spent time over the break.


Writing Celebration

Thank you parents for joining us last Thursday for our celebration of writing. We nearly had 100% attendance. Your support of our efforts as young writers is outstanding and sends a strong message to the class that their writing and achievement in literacy is meaningful and important. Thank you parents who sent snacks and other goodies.

Janel McNary

Thank you Mrs. McNary for your contributions to our class and classroom culture. Mrs. McNary shared so much with our class. Thanks for being our room Mom and Zumba leader. Thank you also for the amazing holiday goodie bags as well as all of the other times you shared goodie bags with the class...the kids loved the Zumba towels and Pokemon bracelets. Best of luck in Perth!

Heidi Tilley

Mrs. Tilley will be our new room Mom. Thanks so much for offering to contribute your time. She has all of your email addresses now and will be in touch as needed.

Chatjuthamard and Teutvongse Families

Thank you for sending gifts for the entire class. It was so thoughtful of you and the kids truly appreciated your kindness.

Gift(s) for Khun Pornthip and Mr. Hagen

Thank you for your thoughtful gifts! Mr. Hagen and Khun Pornthip consider ourselves so fortunate to have the opportunity to teach your children each day.

Our Class Zumbas!

Zumba with Mrs. McNary

Please scroll down to see photos and to share a picture of what you're up to during your holiday

What will our class study in the new year?

Math - Foundations of Multiplication and Division

Established Goals:

This unit lays the conceptual foundation for multiplication and division. Students learn that numbers other than 1, 10 and 100 can serve as units. They make equal groups moving from concrete work with objects to more abstract pictorial representations. Finally, they learn about even and odd numbers.


Students analyze shapes by reasoning with their geometric attributes. Students combine and partition shapes, building the foundation for learning about area, using arrays for multiplication, and understanding the concept of fractions as an area model.

Reading- Building Stamina, Fluency, and Volume

Parents: please contact me ASAP if your child is unable to read what's being sent home "fluently" Fluency is the ability to read a text accurately, at an appropriate rate and with expression reflective of the meaning.

Students will understand that . . .

  • Extensive reading with understanding for sustained periods helps us grow as readers as well as builds vocabulary and background knowledge

  • Fluent readers orchestrate the author’s intended meaning with his voice

  • Readers grow as they fluently read more and for longer periods of time with increasingly more challenging texts

  • Readers grow as they more naturally and automatically monitor and self-correct for meaning


  • Fluency = reading rate

  • Fluent reading = fast reading

  • Fluency is only developed orally

Writing - Lab Reports and Science Books

In this unit, students will become familiar with the scientific process, and then apply these understandings to informational writing by creating lab reports and science books. Students will engage in inquiry activities and and capture their learning through informational writing.

Students will understand that . .

  • Scientists organize and share their ideas in many ways (to include lab reports, articles, diagrams, screencasts, videos, books, etc.)

  • Science writers write about topics they know well through experiments they design and carry out

  • Writers can learn a lot by sharing their writing with a partner

  • There are multiple ways to express and model scientific findings based on the context and data available.

  • The way data is processed, organized and/or display influences interpretations.

Science - Air and Weather

Students will:

- Understand that scientists use different kinds of investigations and tools to develop explanations using evidence and knowledge.Tools help scientists make better observations

- Understand that the Sun is the most important source of heat. The Sun provides the light

and heat necessary to maintain the temperature of the Earth.

- Understand that we need to dress and behave appropriately for the weather conditions.

- Understand that weather observations can be organized, compared, and predicted, which

can help keep people andanimals safe.

- Understand that weather changes from day to day and over the seasons (wet and dry.)
- Understand that weather can be described by measurable quantities, such as temperature, wind direction and

speed, and precipitation.
- Understand that air is material that takes up space and can be compressed into a smaller space.