By Sean Baldwin Period 3 5/9/16

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Sloth's live in North and South America. They hang in tall tropical trees in the rain forest. The main predators of sloths are the jaguar,(Sloths) Also are prey for large birds, Snakes and, Humans. The temperature up in the trees is around 86 to 90 degrees (Cooke n.p) There is a general opinion that sloths can't survive outside of this habitat.


Sloths are a very slow moving animals. Sloths spend 15 to 20 hours per day sleeping. they can hang using no muscles they even fall asleep in this position. (sloth 3) They are very slow because of the lack of tissues they have. (Cooke n.p) Their skeleton is similar to a ant eaters.(World of animals Mammals . Have a unusual vertebra. Their top speed goes up to 15 mph (Sloth)
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Body Covering

Sloth's have Long arms and shaggy fur.(Sloth 3) Sloth's fur could be grey, white,or brown. Have no tail or ears (Sloth 3) sloth has sharp claws witch are use for defending themself or threating predators. (Sloth) Sloths have their own unique face. It has shaded eyes with a nose and a mouth (Sloth Facts) When a sloth is asleap it looks like a stump of.(Sloth 3)


Sloth eats Leave's ,buds, insects and all types of fruit . The sloths majority eat leaves. Leaves contain very little energy and nutrition so the sloth has adapted to have a large and complex digestive system. In order for the leaves to pass through the sloth effectively.(Sloth2) They are also herbivores(508, World book) Its a very slow process. The stomach is so big food can sit in there for a month! (World of Animals Mammals 65)

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Sloths are solitary animals and only come together to mate.(Sloth2) Female sloth's make a baby each year. They give birth hanging in the tree's. Takes about 5 to 6 months (Sloth 3) Sloths only come together to mate. "Sloths are know to have a load call, which is thought to increase in frequency during the mating." (Sloth)
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"Despite their ponderous lifestyles, Sloth have becomee successful animals. (World of animals Mammals) Long claws to help grip the trees They have long arms to help them swim (sloth 3) Sloths have a adapted to being slow. To hid from the praetors and blend in the trees. They also get green algae to stick to their back to hid blend in their habitat
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Other Info

  • Part of Kingdom Animalia
  • They can be 2 to 2.5 feet
  • A sloth may hang in the trees for some time after it dies using the claws
  • type of family is Brady Pus
  • Grow up to 50-70cm
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