Old Town Star Staff News

December 7th through December 20th

Our ROCK STAR of the WEEK is...

Name: Leslie Long

Current Gig: Instructional Technology Specialist

Personal Life: I am celebrating 25 years with my husband in just a few weeks! We have two great kids - Mitchell is a junior at RRHS - he is very active in cross country and soccer. Madi will be a 6th grader at Walsh MS. She is my artist and gymnastics - doing 7 hours of gym a week. This will be the first time in forever that one of my kids hasn't been with me at school - I might be lost without someone coming by to use the bathroom, get a snack, or just get a hug!! I love to exercise - I average 3-4 miles of running each day along with some sort of fitness program (like P90x). My family enjoys camping (we bought a new camper this summer!), traveling, hiking, biking, swimming, board games, anything we can do together!!!
One word to describe yourself and why: Organized - have to be to make life work as smoothly as possible!

Most interesting job: I worked at the swimming pool in my hometown - I was a lifeguard and I taught swimming lessons. Some of the best summers of my life!! Did it for at least 7 summers - even when I was teaching - worked at a state park beach in the summers.

Favorite hobbies away from school: Camping, exercising (any kind), board games, sewing and I like to mow the lawn.

Favorite song: Born to be Alive - disco!!!!

If I wasn't at Old Town, I'd..: be who knows where...I have worked at several schools at RRISD - I could go anywhere they needed me I guess...

Next Week...

Monday, Dec 7

Hour of Code- 1st and 2nd Grades

2nd grade trip to Inner Space Cavern 9am

UIL Practices Today @3:00pm; Coach's Meeting immediately following

Cub Scouts Mtg 6pm

Tuesday, Dec 8

Hour of Code- 3rd Grade

Jessica’s to AP Mtg (AM)

Character Ed Awards Kg-2 7:45am

Half Day Planning 2nd AM & 4th PM

Student Council Mtg 2:45pm

TaG Testing Referrals Due

Wednesday, Dec 9

Instructional Technology Specialist Appreciation Day!!!

Hour of Code- 2nd Grade

Mya to Lead4Ward Conference

Jessica’s to CPI Training

PTA’s Holiday Shop begins

PTA Staff Luncheon - fried chicken

Vertical Team Mtg 3:05pm

PTA Reflections 6:30 @ PAC

Happy Birthday Mackie Flansburg!

Thursday, Dec 10

Hour of Code- 4th Grade

ARD Mtg (see separate schedule)

Mya’s to Lead4Ward Conference

Character Ed Awards 3-5 7:45am

Half Day Planning 1st & TAG AM; 3rd PM

Karate Community Ed class 3pm

PTA Mtg & 5th grade Winter Choir Concert 6pm

Happy Birthday Trella Collier!

Friday, Dec 11

Hour of Code- 5th Grade

CAT Mtg. 8am.

Jessica’s to STAAR training (PM)

SST’s K-2 (Review current tier 2 students)

PTA’s Holiday Shop ends

The Nutcracker Performance 1st grade 1:15pm

Super Star Shout Outs!

GINORMOUS THANK YOU and to Leslie Long and Amy Privott for leading us through Coding, Number Talks & ARRC Walks, respectively! I continue to hear positive feedback and excitement related to both! Well done ladies!!!

And a Special THANKS to Jyl and Emily for sharing information about our DI and STEM Fair with our Site Based Advisory Committee on Thursday!

Warm appreciations to the Environmental Art Club for their BEAUTIFUL art contribution to our foyer! We can't wait to get it installed!

I also want to express my gratitude and appreciation for all of our Old Town Staff for your hard work in delivering world class instruction each day. You are making such a positive difference in the lives of our Star Texans! Keep up the great work!!!

Have an AWESOME Weekend!!!

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The Week After....

Monday, Dec 14

Mya to Executive Leadership Team Mtg AM

Dowser Dan presentation 2nd 9am

UIL Practices Today @3:00pm

Tuesday, Dec 15

PTA Executive Board Mtg 8:15am

Inspector Iwannano Assembly 3rd-5th 8am & Kg-2nd 9am

Earthworks Presentation 2nd 2pm

Fire Drill 1:15pm

Environmental Art Club 3pm

Wednesday, Dec 16

Popcorn Day

Faculty Mtg 3:05pm

Thursday, Dec 17

ARD Mtg (see separate schedule)

1st semester ends

PTA Cookie Exchange 8am

Holiday Sing Along 8:30 - 1st, 3rd & 5th 9:30 - Kg, 2nd & 4th

Classroom Winter Parties

Karate Community Ed class 3pm

Empire Strikes Back (YMCA)

RRISD Board Mtg 6pm

Friday, Dec 18

CAT Mtg. 8am

Student Holiday/Teacher Prep Day

OTE Holiday Progressive Party 11am

Sunday, Dec 20

Happy Birthday Wendy Sanchez!
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