Evil Star

Written by Anthony Horowitz

Theme one: Non Teenage Life

Matt has yet again transferred to a different school where he soon begins to really see the type of power he is able to provoke. Of course you need the casual bully in every new kids life and that's just what Matt gets. Gavin Taylor is not Matt's enemy or nemesis, but rather a nuisance. Gavin will do possibly anything to do to make Matt's life miserable. Little does Gavin know what is coming to him. During lunch Gavin aggravates Matt causing him to go into a state where he then allows his powers to overcome him leading to a chandelier in the lunch room to fall directly down at Gavin. Gavin doesn't suffer an injuries, but is shocked and is suspicious of Matt.

Theme two: Matt's True Destiny

Susan Ashwood and Fabian whom are members of the Nexus along with Matt ask him for help of closing another gate that they have seemed to discover. Meanwhile Matt's Aunt Gwendoyln has been cursed under evil darkness where it leads her into to killing her husband and even try to kill Matt. Matt then notices that he needs to help Susan and Fabian find this special diary in order to prevent the opening of the second gate. Matt takes action and is to go to the bookseller by the name of Morton. The outcome is unsuccessful due to the fact that Morton is killed in the process and is then stolen by a man named Diego Salamanda who is actually trying to open the second gate. Matt is now in the struggle to fly to Peru with Richard in order to find the second gate and try to put a stop to Diego in his plan to open the gate.

Relation between the two themes

Even though Matt wasn't given the option to live an non teenage life he soon realizes that the fact that he was given the chance to have this powerful gift and possibly save the world from the ternary of evil. Matt realizes what he must do that probably no one else would or could do.
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