Should students’ grades in gym affect their G.P.A

I think the GPA should not be affected by gym grades.

i don't think it should be affected because some kids aren't as athletic as others,it shouldnt be based on if youre in shape or not,It can bring kids self esteem down if they did use the gpa for gym. I did some reasearch and majority of the people on said that the GPA

Some Kids aren't as athletic as other kids

Kids in today's society are going through obesity, and some kids are more athletic and stronger than others. If bully's get good grades they're being rewarded for being strong and that gives them a motive to pick on the kids that aren't as athletic as them so i don't think that it should affect the GPA.

Brings down self esteem

If kids feel that theyre not strong or athletic it can make them sad or bring their self esteem down and their grade point averege will go down just because theyre not athletic enough.

Kids shouldn't be dealing with that kind of stress

Kids in trying to pass highschool with a good GPA shouldn't be dealing with that kind of stress. If a teen is not athletic enough to do a certain amount of push ups or pull ups and can't get that could mess up their GPA and that could put them under a lot of stress to get fit so they can pass.
There is a lot of things to take into consideration, just because one person can do something well doesn't mean someone else can. So that's my take on why gym grades shouldn't affect GPA.