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Welcome Back to School

Welcome Back to School Christensen Families

Thursday, August 27th is the first day of school for all First through Fifth graders. School starts at 9:20am and is dismissed at 4:00pm. We are excited for the new school year!

Please welcome our new staff: Sierra Rambow, School Nurse; Mrs. Hackney, Fourth Grade Teacher and our Assistant Principal, Mr. Pierce.

August 23, 2019

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Early Dismissal Wednesdays

Wednesday, September 11th, 18th and 25th are 2:30pm early dismissal

PTA News

Please join the PTA family and support our school community. PTA forms are available in the office.

Bus Procedures

Please, be patient the first week of school. The busses may be running a little late. If you have any questions or issues about something that happened on the bus, at the bus stop or regarding a late bus please call the transportation office directly at 253-298-3865.

Sign up for Bus Bulletin for timely bus notifications at

If you wish your child to ride a bus other than their normal bus or get off at a different bus stop, you must send a note or contact the office at 253-298-3300. A note or phone call is required for any end of day bus or parent pick up changes to the student's normal departure.