Exotic animals as pets? No!

By:Danny A.

Do you think people should have exotic animals as pets?

I think not! Some exotic animals can carry diseases, and can be very dangerous around people, also animals feel trapped and lonely in cages.

First, most exotic animals carry diseases with them.

Here's some examples,you could get measles, ringworm,or monkey pox and many other dangerous diseases.One time a quarter of a million people were sick with salmonella.Diseases can be deadly.

Second, exotic animals can be very dangerous.

When a exotic animal gets in cage it rarely bonds with its owner. Also if animals got loose in a community people would be scared, these animals are best left in zoo's

Finally, animals feel trapped in cages.

If a exotic animals get in cages they feel sad or lonely. Also when a animal gets trapped it loses it wild instincts like hunting or fighting.

In conclusion, I think people should not have exotic animals as pets.

Because of deadly diseases, can be dangerous to a community, and they feel trapped in cages.