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August 2014 Team Owlstar contest

Is your calendar filled for the last two weeks of August? I want to see everyone kill it this month! I want to see designers reaching their achieved title, I want to see promotions, and I want our team to GROW!

Soooo......we are going to have a little contest through the end of the month! You will receive an entry into the drawing for a $25 gift certificate to Creative Ape Studios for the following achievements:

*For every $500 in PV - one entry

*For achieving your rank - one entry

(Example: You have previously promoted to Team Leader, once you achieve that status for this month, you will get an entry)

*For sponsoring a new designer - one entry

*If your new designer reaches $250 before month end - three entries each, for both of you

*For promoting to Team Leader or Senior Team leader - 5 entries

Contest is for the entire month of August, so anything you have done thus far, counts! Get your calendar out, grab your phone and start filling up your Jewelry bar parties! I still have 2 more JB's and 1 more Catalog party waiting for me this month and I have already achieved $500+ in PV, so no excuses! If I can do it, so can you!

*****If we pull off an amazing month with CTV of $35,000 or more AND I achieve my Senior Team Leader status, I will double the prize to a $50 gift card to Creative Ape.*****

Chain Reaction

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