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January 15, 2016

Facebook & Pictures

Remember to check out our Loopy Learners Facebook page to see more pictures of the daily happenings in our classroom! I try to post pictures and activities daily.

Field Trip - La Vent Du Nord Performance

On Wednesday, we went to see La Vent Du Nord at Nicolet College. It was amazing! Check out the pictures on Facebook. Here is a link to their website for more information:


January's Precept...

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One Book, One School Program

Earlier this week, a letter was sent home regarding the One Book, One School Program. If you are interested in this program please return your form no later than Wednesday, January 20th. I am personally very excited about this! Our class really loved reading The Year of Billy Miller together, and we are anxiously awaiting to start The One and Only Ivan. Please get those forms in!!!

February 8-12 - pages 1-60

February 15-19 - pages 21-120

February 29-March 4 - pages 182-242

March 7-11 - pages 243-300

March 14th - Family Fun Night

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I have sent some emails home regarding the upcoming referendum. Please click on the links below for more information. If you have any question at all, do not hesitate to contact me! The passing of this upcoming referendum is very important for our district, our schools, our class and ultimately our children. I greatly appreciate your support!!!

Continent Studies - ANTARCTICA

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We are wrapping up our research and working on our final papers and projects. This weekend, ask your child what they want to know or learn about Antarctica. We will be Skyping with a researcher that has visited Antarctica numerous times. Feel free to email the questions at any time.


This week, we took our Unit 2 Assessment. We began Unit 3 studying how animals and humans are unique. Please check out Wonders online. Your student can log into their account and read the stories we are reading in class, as well as complete activities relating to what we are learning about in spelling and grammar.

Please have your child read at home as much as possible. Even 20 minutes per night will make a big difference in increasing their fluency and comprehension. Thank you for your support!

Envisions Math

We took our Topic 5 test this week and will begin Topic 6 next week. Today, the Topic 6 practice pages will be sent home. In the back of the packet, is the Topic 6 test. You do NOT have to do these pages, they are simply for practice if you choose to do them. Remember to keep practicing multiplication facts at home. Your child can "climb" a mountain whenever they want!

Genius Hour

Today, we wrapped up our first round of Genius Hour projects. While the end products were not all complete or perfect; we had a class discussion and agreed that we loved Genius Hour and we all learned a lot.

I would like to do a group Genius Hour project that is a service project. For example, what is a need in our community? What is something we can do to help bring awareness or change to? For example, this first round a student wanted to encourage others to donate their hair to an organization that makes wigs for children. Please discuss this with your child over the weekend. We will finish brainstorming on Monday and pick our topic.

Here is what we came up with so far... While this is a great list, remember we are trying to think of topics we can research, raise awareness, etc.

· Encourage people to recycle

· Save cans, collect money to donate

· Clean up the environment

· Teach people to not litter

· Help endangered animals

· Help elderly people

· Encourage others to help people in need

· Donate food to people

· Donate hair to organizations that make wigs

· Salvation army

· Give puppies a home – Animal Shelter

· Raise awareness for Heart Defects

· Raise awareness to get early vision screenings

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Don't forget to save and send in Box Tops! We are raising money for new playground equipment!

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Pines Pride

Tuesday, Jan. 26th, 8:30am

1700 Pleasure Island Road

Eagle River, WI

Informational Meeting about the Referendum

Tuesday, Jan. 26th, 6:30pm

1800 Pleasure Island Road

Eagle River, WI

Parent Teacher Conferences

Tuesday, Feb. 2nd, 4-7pm

1700 Pleasure Island Road

Eagle River, WI


Tuesday, Feb. 16th, 8am

Vilas County, WI, United States


"The One and Only Ivan" One Book, One School Family Night

Monday, March 14th, 8am

1700 Pleasure Island Road

Eagle River, WI

*Please note that the time will be determined. More information will be sent home at a later date.

Eagle River Elementary School Spring Fling

Friday, March 18th, 2pm

1800 Pleasure Island Road

Eagle River, WI