Raymond's Run Flyer

By: Toni Bambara Created by: Mackenzie Donahoo

Thought out the story of "Raymond's Run" we see the charaters grow and evole in to someone better. Squeaky is an amazing runner but, has to take care of her "little brother". At first, she sees him as nothing but her special needs brother that she is stuck with. Once she sees him jump the fence after the race she sees that he has dreams just like she does. He would be an extrodinory runner if she trained him. Raymond watched squeaky run everyday he probably learned a few things. Even if your diffenert doesn't mean you can't do great things like everyone else you just have to give them a chance.

Toni Bambara, the anouthur of this story, always writes about ehat she knows and she knows that lifes hard for African American but you can overcome it. You just have to try.

Squeaky and Grethen always have been emeies. Grthen promises she will win this year. They come in a very close, but Squeaky wins. They relize that why be emeies when you can be friends and Squeaky decided to let Greaten help her train Raymond.

She learn to see the better in people.

I think the over all theme is that You can achieve anything with hard work and friends. You just have to believe you can. Raymond';s Run is a great book with good morals.