Doon CATC Update

February 2016

Thank you!

Thank you to the entire staff for submitting the CATC surveys so quickly and so thoroughly. We appreciate your attention to the inventory questions and for giving us excellent feedback on what you need and want.

Many thanks as well for using the mobile technology available to us by reserving them in the booking system, sending them on to the next teacher, and properly plugging them to charge at the end of each school day.

When absent, please remember to have a colleague at school check in with your supply so that the devices are sent on and plugged in at the end of the day. There have been quite a few issues with OTs (understandably) leaving Chromebooks improperly plugged in, or left in incorrect places. Even with the best laid plans, OTs are not familiar with our flow, and errors will be made. Please always have a Doon staff member double check at the end of the day so they are ready for the next day.

Survey Responses

Changes to our Wireless Networks

This is a quick notice that the WRDSB is now implementing changes to our wireless networks. Eventually there will be no more 'open' networks (that do not require passwords) to access in our schools. iPads will be the first devices to be affected. Someone from IT will come in to reconfigure all iPads using the configuration trays to sync and set them up to automatically connect to a 'closed' network. Eventually there will be a log on/authentication process, most likely using PAL for staff and students using Chromebooks, school equipment, and personal devices.

Support from the WRDSB

Board GAFE Support Site

Find support for all things GAFE!

PD Place

Workshop opportunities: GAFE Intro, Google Classroom, Google Forms, Google Slides and Drawings, Get Creative with your iPad, WordPress, Best of Web 2.0

Your CATC Contacts

Who to contact?

Rod (ext.119) has time designated for CATC support - contact him at any time about anything! He is also at the ready for co-teaching and using our Digital Citizenship resources.

Nicole (ext.102) is happy to support before school, during planning time, during breaks, or after school. Call or e-mail her for support with GAFE (Google Classroom/ Docs/ Sheets/ Slides/ Drive), your desktop computer, iPads, Chromebooks, anything!

On our radar

School Day

Soon we will be on board and online with School Day. Parents can fill out and submit forms and payment online - no paper or money/cheques changing hands! More info to come.


We want our students to have spaces for inquiry and hands on creation. Stay tuned for more on this growing trend!



Saturday, Feb. 27th, 9:30am-3:30pm

749 Grand Valley Drive

Cambridge, ON

EdCamp is a day of sharing, networking, and discussions around what matters most in education. This event is participant-driven and is considered an “unconference” without a traditional presentation or speaker. Participants arrive ready to engage in debate, share stories, and demonstrate their passion for issues in education. During the course of the day, you will have an opportunity to attend four sessions related to different topics or themes.

You will learn something new, explore different perspectives, maybe make a new friend or contact, and receive information that you can immediately apply in your classroom and professional life!

There is no cost for participants to attend EdCamp. Participants are encouraged to bring a laptop, tablet or other mobile device with wireless internet to view sites shared throughout the day, take notes, or get involved in back channel discussions on social media sites.

CATC by the Water (CATC Camp)

Thursday, Aug. 18th, 9am to Saturday, Aug. 20th, 1pm

3722 Fairway Road

Innisfil, ON