Andrew Jackson

What do YOU think of Andrew Jackson?

Andrew Jackson's background

As a teenager, Andrew Jackson was a very ignorant boy. He did not like to be told what to do. He didn't attend church or school, and didn't do chores, because he just didn't want to. When he and his brother were captured by the British, one of the troops told Andrew to clean his shoes. He refused, so the soldier swiped at his head with his sword.

Andrew Jackson's presidency

Andrew Jackson was an all American man. He was brutal in war, and always worked hard to get what he wanted. He was different from other president though. He didn't care for the rich and wealthy. He was never that wealthy himself. He only cared for the poor, or middle class people. THE people. He brought the power to the people once again.

Some not so great things.

Maybe not a good idea

The trail of tears

Andrew Jackson's worst idea was the force removal act. During the force removal act, Andrew Jackson bought the land from the Indians for a lot less than it was worth, along with a treaty saying they can go in peace to new land.