3rd Grade News

December 2013 • Clarksville Elementary

Upcoming Dates

December 3,4 and 5 CogAT testing for all of third grade

December 9- Interim reports issued

December 20-Holiday Celebration with Team 3 10:45-11:25

December 21-January 1 Winter Break

January 2-Welcome Back!!

Cougar Club

Every month third grade takes time to celebrate it's good behavior. We reward our "green" students once a month with a special activity that is different from our regular schedule. We want to remind parents that all students get to participate providing that they have no more than 1 yellow per month. In November students had fun with their game boards. For December our Cougar Club will be on Wednesday the 18th and we're sure to have fun.


A huge shout out to the PTA for providing us a fabulous dinner during conference time. We very much appreciate the gesture. Also thank you to the parents that came out to speak with us during conferences. We know how important parent teacher communication is and we want you to remember we are always here to speak with you.

English Language Arts (ELA) and Math Parent Support

We wanted to share a great ELA web site with you. You can access it from the parent page on the HCPSS.org site


Elementary Mathematics SMART pages

The Third Grade Team

Kim Hartner, Team Leader - kim_hartner@hcpss.org
Hilary Becker, Teacher - hilary_becker@hcpss.org
Jenni Yun, Teacher - jenni_yun@hcpss.org
Carol Crivelli, Para Professional - carol_crivelli@hcpss.org