Cowboys and indians

by:Tyler bell


Cowboys are basically western men who do agriculture things they fix fence brand cattle work cattle and made super high risks to feed their families but then there are outlaws outlaws are the kind of cowboys that rob people kill people and steal people things that help them make their money


Indians were like the bounty hunters of the west they did everything with faith and tradition a famous indian was Qunnah Parker (1845- 1911) he was the last chief for the Comanche tribe was the son Peta Nocona and cynthia ann parker he was born on Elk Creek South of the Whicita mountains and he had made a Native american church

Realities of a Cowboys life

A cowboy wakes up early in the morning eats some eggs and goes to get on his horse and either has to work cows so giving them the right vaccines and medicine they need to stay healthy.Or hes on a cattle drive pushing cattle from one place to another it can be a 15 mile drive or 500 mile drive it depends where they need to go

Buffalo solders

They were African American cowboys after slavery ended and they worked on ranches helping getting medicine fixing fence and some even owned their own ranches and then some african americans got in to rodeo William Pickett was the african American who created the event called steer wrestling he became really famous and he died later by getting kicked in the head by a horse Apri 2,1932