San Antonio

Madelyn Shields

Temperatures, Weather and Climate

Through the week of February 23 San Antonio has had colder than normal temperatures. With the high of 67 degrees and the low of 32 degrees the city has experienced weather that they are not used to, along with average winds of 8.6 miles per hour blowing North, and humidity at an average at 75%.

The Climate didn't change much in the following week, they continued to have a low pressure system with about 1 inch of rain each week. As they transition from winter to early spring the temperatures will go to the low 70s but will still go as low as the 40s.

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Latitude and Winds

29.4167° N is the latitude for San Antonio it is the middle of the equator and the pole and its prevailing winds are Horse latitude with high pressure, meaning that it will get little to no precipitation.

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My uncle has lived in San Antonio for a couple of years now, when I asked him what the weather had been like for past week he told me that it was much colder than it usually had been during that time of year. A cold front had just came in with temperatures ranging from 26-43 degrees, but really during this time of year temperatures are supposed to be in the 60s and 70s. They had just gotten about an inch of rain and the temperatures did not seem like they were going to get better. He said "I dont know where the cold front came from i just hope that it ends soon."
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Tornados and Ocean Currents.

San Antonio hasn't had much tornado activity. Tornado's seem to hit more land that is flat like Oklahoma and Kansas but San Antonio is more likely to be affected by a hurricane than a tornado. Even though its not close enough to be affected by ocean currents if a hurricane gets big enough San Antonio could still get some of the flooding and humidity form the hurricane and currents. If the city were to be moved even just a little bit closer to the beach, it could cause a little damage if a hurricane ever came, considering that San Antonio has some beaches that are fairly close to it like South Padre Island that is about 4 hours away and Port Aransas that is about 2 hours away.

San Antonio

Being the Second largest city in Texas, San Antonio will tend to get much hotter than smaller cities like Colleyville. The bigger the city the hotter it will get along with more pollution.
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Sumary of Temperatures

Through the week of February 23 to the 1st of March-
Monday temperatures ranged form 41-32 degrees with 76% humidity. Winds blowing north at 14 miles per hour, with no precipitation.
Tuesday- 42-32 degrees with 74% of humidity. Winds blowing northeast at 7mph with no rain.
Wednesday- 67-36 degrees with 57% of humidity. Winds blowing northwest at 7mph with .01 of rain.
Thursday- 57-37 degrees with 68% of humidity. Winds blowing at 4mph, with no precipitation
Friday- 38-33 degrees with 71% of humidity. Winds blowing northeast at 11mph with .02 inches of rain
Saturday- 39-34 degrees 89% of humidity. Winds blowing northeast at 9mph with ,12 inches of rain.
Sunday- 48-39 degrees 92% of humidity. Winds blowing 8mph with .06 in of rain.
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