Friendship Quotes

Best Friends are Forever

Good Friends are like stars, you don't always see them, But you know there always be there.

A Friend asks why your crying, A best friend is ready with a shovel to burry the loser that made you cry

You'll always be My Best Friend

God made us friends because he knew our parents couldnt handle us as sisiter<3!

Thematic Statement;

Best friends are people that Never doubt you and always are by your side, trusting you, listening, and giving advice.

Best friends know how crazy you are , but still choose to be seen with you in public

Connection Paragraph

In my own life experiences i have my best friend that always listens to me nomatter how stupid my conversation is. She is the one that gives me advice and a sholder to cry on, i will never doubt her and i can trust her with anything. She is the person i will never regret meeting , she changed my life completely and idont know what i would do with out her. That is what best friends do, they don't care what other people say. For example, we are like peanut butter and jelly, ketchup and mustard ,and salt and pepper, unceperateable. I thank god every day for giving me an awesome friend that im lucky to have.
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