By Molly Dietle

What do They do?

Diagnose a patient’s sleep disorder using brain wave, eye movement, and breathing data collected during a sleep study.Collect brain wave data from a child to determine if her seizures are due to epilepsy or another disorder.Use MRI’s of a car accident victim’s brain to see how badly he or she was injured, and determine the best treatment.Administer reflex exams during a neurological examination in order to detect if a patient’s nervous system has been damaged

206,000 to 1.5 Million a year!

The Money!

They make a lot of money and can acumulate more over the years they are Neurologist. Many people think that a lot of doctors make a lot of money and they are right. Neurologist are the forth most paid doctor, right after Brain Surgeon, Heart Surgeon and Anastsiologist. they are a big part of the medical field also.