Mrs. White

4th Grade

Upcoming Weeks

October 5-October 9 Book Fair

October 9 - All Pro Dads

October 14 - Early Release

October 26 - Chick-fil-A Night

October 30 - No School/Teacher Work Day

November 2 - No School/Teacher Work Day

November 11 - No School Veterans Day

November 12 - Makeup Pictures

November 13 - All Pro Dads

November 23 - Chick-fil-a Night

November 24 - Early Release

Reading News

This week we discussed comparing themes. We read different versions of The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, and Cinderella. We read Little Red Riding Hood, and listened to Lon Po Po. Students enjoyed the story! The photo above is my son from the Imaginon Library in Charlotte. The photo is a picture from the story of Lon Po Po. If you need a cool break from the heat next summer (or just a quiet place to read a book), this is a free place to go that my children enjoy.

We discussed comparing the theme of the stories. We continued discussing Somebody Wanted So But Then to practice summarizing. We finished the week comparing Cinderella and the Rough Faced Girl.

We began writing our first story about "the brown bag on Mrs. White's desk, that moved". I cannot wait to read their stories!


This week the focus has been on Multiplicative Comparison. We will continue multiplicative comparison next week. Next on the agenda is prime and composite numbers as well as factors and multiples. Please reiterate the importance of multiplication facts to your student. This will make math much easier for them!