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There’s nothing more frustrating than losing your luggage or its content when traveling. And it is very stressful to be constantly thinking about the safety of your luggage when you should be thinking about other more important things. To solve these issues, many travel bags come with locks on which you can program a combination. However, these locks aren’t always the best. You can easily forget the combination and be locked out of your belongings.

But there’s a new travel lock on the market taking the game to a whole new different level. The lock, AirBolt, talks to your smartphone via Bluetooth using a mobile application. With this lock, you can get access to your luggage by a simple click on the mobile app. You, therefore, don’t need to worry about forgetting your combination.

And If your phone’s battery dies, or you lose the phone, you can unlock your luggage using the application on someone’s phone. How’s that? Cool, right? In this piece, we have put together an in-depth AirBolt Review. Read through to find out why you should get this product today.

What is AirBolt?

If it is the first time you are meeting Airbolt device here, you are probably asking yourself, what is it? The AirBolt is an innovative travel device geared towards providing you with security of your property. After so much research it is noted that apart from being the first Bluetooth supported mobile lock, it is also the first most reliable lock that provides maximum security to your luggage.

What is a lock for? A lock is a device designed to deter any theft activity. The Airbolt lock is an invention out of frustrations of losing luggage and all the struggle to find the right lock but still did not work as expected. So, to ensure the traveler has no hard time and does not have to worry about their luggage’s safety, Airbolt was invented. It is now time to have fun. Let us travel without any worry of losing our luggage.

AirBolt Rating and Benefits

The product has a good history of ratings, and it is so far the most popular and highly recommended lock for your luggage. This comes alongside its benefits, which include:

  • Long-lasting Battery

Airbolt remains on all through. The fear about this is what if it goes off anytime? The company behind Airbolt got you covered, therefore, making a product with long battery life. All you need is to charge your device once a year, and you are good to go

  • Weather Tolerant

The lock is made from materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions. You dont have to worry about it being rained on; it'll still work perfectly. The materials are also highly durable.

  • Shared Access

In case you are on transit together with friends or family, you can enable them to have access to your AirBolt lock. Though in case anything disappears as a result of sharing the access, you can always know who accessed your lock by checking the lock access history. This is an exclusive feature to improve the app security. However, it is notable that not more than one phone can access the Airbolt.

In a case where your phone goes off before you arrive at your destination or lose it, you can use another phone to access the lock and unlock it.

  • Use your Phone, No Keys

Unlike the other types of common locks which uses combination keys, what if you lost your keys, what would happen to your luggage? With this lock, you never have to worry about misplacing your keys. Airsbolt only needs to be linked to your phone and you are good to go. This is because it is Bluetooth enabled therefore needs to key to open.

AirBolt Key Features

Smartphone Accessibility

The Airbolt comes with a unique feature other than the rest of the locks. With other locks you have to be careful with the key. Why? When the key gets lost, you have to break the lock to open your luggage; therefore, you need to be conscious not to misplace your key. Here the advantage of Airbolt comes handy where you don’t need to worry about the key. With the use of your smartphone you can access your lock, therefore, making it more convenient and makes your work easier.


Despite numerous features of the product, it still doesn’t drain much power. It is energy efficient therefore does not need much energy to run it. According to statistics, it is notable that with a single charge, you can use the lock for as long as a year. It is fitted with a rechargeable battery. To charge the lock you need to use a USB cable that comes along with it on purchase.

Weather Tolerant

Using materials that ensure resistance to tough atmosphere they made the Airbolt lock. This is to ensure the device can withstand tough conditions we interact with from day to day, therefore, giving the lock good durability.

AirBolt Reviews

From the customers who have had a chance to use this device, there are a lot of positive remarks regarding its performance. The reputation for the Airbolt is generally positive, and this has contributed to documentation in big publications such as SlashGear, Mashable, and even Forbes. During the year 2017, the product won a Good Design Award.

Where to Buy AirBolt

You can get the device today by visiting the manufacturer’s website. The company is giving new customers discounts of up to 40 percent on every purchase. They are also giving free shipping on all goods. You can, therefore, shop at the comfort of your couch and have the product delivered right at your doorstep.

Note, however, that this is a limited offer. So you might want to hurry before the offer expires. Their customer service staff is attentive and quick to answer any questions. If you have any questions on the product, give them a call or send them an email and you’ll receive feedback promptly.

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