the killer is down

nathan ross

the man is a legend

no one knows who jack the ripper actually was and there are so many who fit the description that it is hard to tell

what jack was a mysterious killer who never really was found but he was a lone assassin who killed women in the night

when jack killed usually around 9 pm to 5 am

where he killed in white chapel and London

why is a great question but there is still no motive

what a jerk

never a man

in the the murders there was never a man. i mean maybe he was being careful but, why kill only women who have to do this for they're lively hood, what a sexist. If you only kill women you are a cowerd


you can never be a man if you kill a girl and then tear her to pieces. this fool would even send the pieces to the cops how arrogant. he would hide in the maze of building and then kill an innocent who had to do this

what Progress

a journalist in the works

the media back then would wait for news and sometimes the cops would hold back evidence of the murders to keep the peace but they had ball when they could get anything. they slandered jack and always called him out