Atomic symbol: Ga Atomic number: 31 Atomic weight: 69.723

Fun Facts about Gallium

Gallium has many interesting qualities. Some of these qualities include its extremely low melting temperature, which is 85.57F. The melting point of this metal is so low that it will actually melt in your hand. Dmitri Mendeleyev, a Russian inventor and chemist predicted the metals existence and characteristics in 1871. Gallium was then discovered by Paul E. Lecoq de Boisbaudran in France 1875.

Uses of Gallium

The soft metal has been recently implemented into medicine by using it as a non-toxic measurement tool in thermometers to replace mercury. Gallium is also used very frequently in solar panels for space stations. Another use for Gallium in the modern day is in mirrors. Gallium has a unique reflective property when coated with glass which in turn makes it a superb choice for creating excellent mirrors.
Amazing Gallium!

How Gallium is harvested?

Gallium is not mined, it is taken out of minerals after they have been mined and then refined.

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Gallium by James Mohan