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August 2022

Important SPE Procedures

Special Notes for Kindergarten:

  • As a reminder, kindergarten releases at 2:50. You are more than welcome to stay in your car and follow the procedures listed below. However, we have found that many parents choose to "walk up." The kindergarten students wait at the front of the school. The teachers have the students line up. You should approach your child's teacher, who will call for the student, and the student comes to give a high five to the teacher, which releases them to you.
  • Remember, the lunch line can be slow in the first couple days. If you can, I would encourage you to pack your student a lunch the first couple days of school.

End of Day Procedures

The flow of traffic for parent pick up and drop off is shown in the picture below. Here are some reminders to ensure that this happens efficiently:

  • During the beginning and end of the day, you must make a right turn to enter the campus. A left turn will block traffic in two directions.
  • When leaving the lot, please turn right. This ensures that the line of cars moves efficiently.
  • Once everyone learns the system, we are able to clear all cars at the end of the day in under 12 minutes.
  • If you are getting out of your car to pick up/drop off your child, please use only designated parking spots. Otherwise this "clogs" the flow of traffic.
  • Parent "walk ups" will pick up their students from the left side of the office (if you are looking at the office). Note: Kindergarten uses a different procedure that's detailed above).
  • Parent "drive ups" will pick up their students from the right side of the office (if you are looking at the office) in the area covered by the awning.
  • Place your "Parent Pick Up" sheet on your dashboard to expedite the process. Additionally you don't have to roll down your window to tell us who you are picking up (stay in the cool AC). These sheets will be handed out during this first week of school.
  • Encourage your student not to walk passed the gated area. Again, if we can keep students under the awning, they are in the shade, and the process moves quicker and safer (less cars moving in and out).
  • Children should only enter the car on the passenger side to avoid them walking out into traffic.
  • Please don't create a "secondary" drop off/pick up line through the parking lot. We don't have staff to cover this, and it's a safety risk.
  • Our west parking lot (staff lot) should only be used by daycare vans, GPS buses, and preschool pick up/drop off.
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What's Happening in July/August?

  • Tuesday, July 26: First day of school
  • Wednesday, July 27: 1:55 release
  • Thursday, July 28: First day of preschool
  • Wednesday, August 3: 1:55 Release
  • Thursday, August 4 @ 5:00: PTO/Dads' Club Joint Meeting in the SPE library
  • Wednesday, August 10: 1:55 Release
  • Wednesday, August 17: 1:55 Release
  • Monday, August 22-September 2: PTO Calendar Fundraiser
  • Monday, August 22 @ 3:00: Student Council Meeting
  • Wednesday, August 24: 1:55 Release
  • Wednesday, August 31: 11:55 Release

Fastbridge Assessments

At the beginning of the school year we give a number of math and reading screeners to each of our students.

We use the "Fastbridge" platform to administer these assessments. In grades K-3, these assessments are given one on one, and in grades 4-6, these are administered all at one time.

The reading assessments satisfy requirements made by Arizona to screen all students for dyslexia. While dyslexia is not something that the school can diagnose, we are able to tell if a student is "at risk" or not for dyslexia.

These screeners will start the week of August 8, and feel free to reach out to your child's homeroom teacher for more information.

SPE Breakfast/Lunch Updates

Safety and Security Information

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