The mysterious death of Ciro Castillo.

The silence of a death body.

Peruvians were shocked about Ciro Castillo's death, Nobody knows exactly what happened. One thing is pretty sure, until these days is an enduring mystery..

The news from all over the country worked really hard to found more information about Ciro's death. People were really worry about What happened, Was he murder? or It was just a simple accident that took the life of a young student. No matter what, this story was an impact on people lifes and also was one of the topic that everybody talked on the entire year of 2011. All the suspicions were attributed to Rosario Ponce, his girlfriend. Everybody believes that she could have killed Ciro and make the Perfect Crime.

On april 2011 students: Ciro Castillo, 26 years old, Rosario Ponce, 24 years old were walking to Colca canyon on Arequipa. Nobody knows what happened but the couple got lost. 10 days later Rosario was found dehydrated and with some injuries. On the other hand Ciro wasn´t found. He was declared missing. When Rosario was found, she gived information to the police, information that didn't match with the police's studies. The most shocking part was when a reporter asked Rosario about What she felt about Ciro, if she really cared or loved him. When she answered, she showed a big indifference saying that She doesn´t love him, and his dissapearance was just an accident. And even she joke about it. After this people were really shocked about Rosario's answer. Most of them believe that Ciro had to have been murdered by Rosario.

After 7 months of a hard work by Ciros' father and the police, they finally found Ciro's body. And declared dead. Until now Police's investigation continues. The murder was never declared. Ciro's father believes that if something happened to his son, was Rosario's fault and He is not going to stop until he has Ciro's murder in jail.

By Gonzalez Barbaran, Alberto Diego

Olivarez Marquina, Catherine Valeria