Why you would want to visit Paraguay

Location :

We are located in South America. We are surrounded by Brazil, Argentina, & Bolivia. Our land is known to be "land locked". Our land is covered by scrub forest's.
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Our weather is beautiful! If you come visit us in the summer (oct-april) our temps vary from 53 degrees to 93 degrees. If you decide to visit in the winter (May-sept) our temps vary from 42 degrees to 72 degrees. Overall the weather is usually the same.
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2 physical features

We have a beautiful river called the Chaco River that divides the Eastern half from the Western half. The eastern part of Paraguay contains luxuriant hills, meadows, and forests. The western three-fifths constitute a dry, sparsely populated prairie known as the Chaco Boreal.


We have two main types of languages and they are , Spanish (official) & Guarani (official).


~Marriage is formed by the couples & may be civil, church or consensual.

~Legal divorce is rare.

~Harp music is very popular and unique.

~Women are known for staying home and taking care of the kids, while men are known for going to work and supporting family with the money.


Some things you shouldn't do is keep your hands in your lap at dinner time. Yours hands should be on the table but not your elbows.

Another don't is putting your feet on furniture. You should keep your feet on the ground or cross your legs.


We value religion a lot. Some of the religion we value is Roman Catholic, Bahaji, Buddhist, and Jewish Faiths.
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Our government types: Constitutional Republic (17 departments). We have one Capital which is Asuncion.
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Culture Landscape

Agriculture products : cotton, sugarcane, soybeans, corn, wheat, tabacco, fruits, beef, pork, eggs, milk and timber.

The cultures houses in 1950 were made out of clay. They would spend months and months making their homes.

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Evidence of Culture Diffusion

The main products they traded were soybeans, cotton, meat produce, and timber. Nations they traded with were Southern cone, Brazil and most importantly the Netherlands.

Evidence of Culture Change.

In 1950 the population rate tripled in size, but in !975 the population slightly decreased.
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