Microsoft Innovations in Education

Fulton County Vanguard

Using Microsoft 365 in Education

A collection of services that allows you to collaborate and share school work.

Personalized Learning and the User Experience

Personalized Learning relies heavily on the principles of the user experience. The idea of offering customizeable lessons based on students' needs exemplifies personalized learning. Microsoft 365 provides a variety of personalized learning options that enable students to access the curriculum in their own way, according to their abilities and needs. For example, students can use whichever mode works best for them: touch, stylus, mouse, or keyboard.

Why is Office 365 the future?

In Fulton County's adoption of Office 365, they have provided stakeholders with a myriad of tools on a range of platforms at no cost to students.
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NWES Vanguard Members: Phil Chaffer, Nate Golla, Barry Asher