Learn Chinese Online for $25.00

For $25.00 per class learn Chinese at your own pace.

Why you should try us vs other language learning programs.

The Fast Learning Chinese program is dedicated to teaching Mandarin the right way

and for the right price. Instead of spending a absurd amount of money on a program that you have to teach yourself with no real immersion or guidance, we have created a curriculum where you not only have a teacher in every class you take, but you will also have the option to pay for each class when you are ready to move onto the next one. We truly care about each and every student.

Whats the catch do I have to buy a ton of extra stuff to access the program?

At Fast Learning Chinese you can purchase every single class from our offered Levels 1-3 for only $25.00 you also have the option to purchase our Ebook to go along with the class along with audio to understand the pronunciation of the words taught in your own time but there are no hidden fees. And you can access our broad lesson selection at anytime through our website www.fastlearnchinese.com

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