Tangerine Daily

BY: Ella Cooper

What's New Around Windsor?

  • The Fishers have moved into Tangerine!
  • The muck fire was hit by the storm recently and has gotten worse!
  • The fishers have met the Costellos!
  • Erik Fisher didn't have to try out for the football team, he gets on it automatically with his incredible football skills! (see article below)
  • School has started!
  • Paul refused the school IEP system that's supposed to help disabled people, or in Paul's case, be their eyes...
  • Paul and Joey are now great friends!
  • Paul has become part of the "real" soccer team and is the official goal-tender.
  • Poor Mike Costello died during a football practice.
  • The Erik Fisher Football Dream still lives on, and Erik wasn't even disappointed by Mike's death.

Erik and Paul Fisher

Erik is part of the new family in town. He is an incredible football player and an admirable person. or so people think. Paul knows the truth though. Erik is just a big bully. Paul's incredible soccer skills are always outshone by Erik's football talent. While Erik is good looking, he is a complete bully to Paul. To Erik Paul is just some gum stuck to the bottom of his shoe. Just an annoying fly in the way of The Erik Fisher Football Dream. While Erik is mean and heartless, Paul, on the other hand, is kind and understanding. He quickly makes friends with Joey Costello, not from popularity, but from his kindness towards others. While Erik may seem more popular and cool, Paul is by far the better person.

Tragedy Strikes

Remembering Mike Costello

It was September 5th, a Tuesday, when Mike Costello passed away. It had been a normal day, with normal classes. Just a few days ago, Paul had become the official goal tender for the soccer team. Mike was at football practice, resting after a long practice. He was leaning up against the goal post watching his team members when lightning decided to strike. The electricity was conducted down the post and he was struck. His hair was singed of and he was dead. This is a tragic event and we need to pay all of our respects to Costellos in remembrance the great football player, brilliant student, and amazing friend that Mike was.

The Month of Young Adolescents

What are the Issues?

Its October, the month of young adolescents. There are several MOYA issues that Paul suffers. First off, he is completely disappointed that his own incredible soccer skills are always outshone by is brother Erik's football skills. No one acknowledges him, it is almost always about Erik. Also, Erik and Paul clearly do not have a good brotherly relationship. Erik hates Paul, and Paul dislikes Erik. Erik is a bully, and Paul once tried to say that Erik almost killed Paul. That doesn't sound very brotherly to me. Lastly, I think Paul is sick of being underrated. His soccer skills are really good, but Erik's football skills are better. He has friends but Erik is popular. Paul really is, fine but is handicapped because he needs glasses. People think he is the uncool, nerdy kid that can't do anything, but he is a good soccer player. He does have kind and smart friends. Paul can see just fine with his glasses, he is definitely not handicapped! People underrate him just because of his brother and his appearances, and that's just not fair.

Soccer-Team Tryouts!

Monday, Sep. 1st 1997 at 4:30pm

Tangerine County Middle School

Middle School Girls and Boys soccer team tryouts after school on the field next to the portables!