Pamlico Sound Estuary

Christen Fleming

Pamlico sound is located on the east coast of North Carolina. Estuaries like Pamlico sound are important because they provide nesting and feeding habitats for plants and animals. A few plants and animals that live in the Pamlico Sound Estuary are fin sharks, birds, sea grass, sea horses and blue crabs. There are many different rivers, inlets, streams, etc that flow into this estuary. A few are the Oregon inlet, Neuse river and Hatteras inlet. There are many threats to the estuary including excessive amounts of nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus. These come from fertilizers and human waste. Another threat is erosion and sediments. These sediments could eventually effect the estuary and it wildlife. My last threat is the habitat loss. As people work and come to the Pamlico Sound habitat is being lost. Wildlife in the estuary is hard adapt to these changes.

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