Research Chemists

Owen laFrombois 4th hour


Work in labs

Work with with other people

Work with a lot different substances

Flexible hours

Good at math and science

Know the pieridoc table

Know how chemicals react with other chemicals

May have to where safety equipment

Use microscopes

Work for big companies

Pros and cons

  • Have flexible hours
  • Work in labs
  • Work with other people
  • Good pay


  • Can be bad for your health
  • Dangerous
  • May have to where protective gear



  • Chemistry and advanced science class
  • you have to have a master's degree in chemistry many have a Ph D in chemistry
  • Advanced chemistry woul be a helpfull high school corse


Are you interested in being Research Chemists then we kneed can earn up to Entry 38,300Medium 63,400Experience 95,120 a year a you will be working with a small group of other scientists in labs and in offices you also are required to to have a master's degree in chemistry and may half to have have a Ph D you also should be strong in math. can expect to work 40 hours a week.

University of Wisconsin- Madison

Madison offers bachelors, master, first professional and other advanced degrees in chemistry

Cheap in state Tuition

A lot of sports

Division 1

Far away

Dorms are expensive

Big classes

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University of California, Irvine

It offers Bachelor's


First professional


Other advanced degrees In chemistry


Out-of-State Tuition: $34,098

Farr away

On-Campus Room and Board: $12,638


A lot of sports


Location near a large city

University Wisconsin Green Bay



Master's Degrees in chemistry

Only 3 degrees

Small school

Not a lot of dorms



Some sports