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Brief histoty about Matrix

The orgins of mathematical matrices lie with the study of systems of simultaneous linear equations.  The term "matrix" for such arrangements was introduced in 1850 by James Joseph Sylvester.Olga Taussky Todd (1906-1995), who began by using matrices to analyze vibrations on airplanes during World War II and became the torchbearer for matrix theory.

Uses of Matrix

    -solving systems of simultaneous linear equations    -describing the quantum mechanics of atomic structure    -designing computer game graphics     -analyzing relationships     -plotting complicated dance steps

Example of Matrix

 x + y + z =6           2y + 5z = -4    2x + 5y - z = 27
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 We can call the matrices "A", "X" and "B" and the equation becomes: AX=B Where: *A is the 3x3 matrix of x , y and z coefficients *X is x, y and z, *B is 6, -4 and 27  Then the solution is this: X=BA^-1
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X=5   Y=3   Z=-2