Uptown All-Staff Meeting

1st Quarter 2016

Announcements & Events at Heartland of Uptown Westerville!

Uptown Bucks: Be on the lookout as we will be re-vamping the Uptown Bucks reward program!

New Employee Luncheon: Lunch for employees hired in December and January will be provided on 2/5/16 at 12:30pm in the private dining conference room!

Preceptor Program: If you enjoy training and being a mentor to newly hired staff, please see Bailey, Lynn or Meghan for information on our Preceptor Program.

Human Resource Expectations

Hours worked beyond schedule and Missed Meal Breaks: All employees are entitled to 30 minute meal break when working more than 5 hours. If a meal break is not taken, a missed punch form with the reason for missing meal must be filled out and signed by supervisor. Any hours worked beyond scheduled assignment must be approved by supervisor and/or the On-Call Unit Manager. If you are working a 12 hour shift, please ensure that you are taking your lunch during the appropriate times and not at change of shift or around meals.

Dress code: All employees are expected to wear appropriate uniform for every shift, this includes your name tag and layers that coordinate with uniform.

Forms and Evaluations: W2 Forms are now in and will be mailed or distributed accordingly. It is the employee's responsibility to access and print payroll stubs from the ADP website. Evaluation increases will be payed out every 15 months per company policy.

Trade Requests: If you need to trade a shift or pick-up another shift please complete appropriate form prior to scheduled day and submit to supervisor.


Applications to work on Secured Unit

We are going to be re-securing the Dementia Unit on East and will soon be taking applications for full-time positions for working on the unit! Please see Bailey if you are interested in applying. There will be comprehensive dementia and Alzheimer's training provided to staff on unit. This is an exciting opportunity to work with a specialized team!

Parking Policy

Facility employees must park either behind the facility or all the way to the right end of the front parking lot. Warnings will be given if policy is not followed. This includes weekends. Only exception is for employees arriving after 11pm and leaving by 7am.

Environmental Expectations

Cleanliness: Be sure that your work areas, units and stations are kept clean and organized every day and every shift. Hallways should be free of unnecessary equipment and tables/surfaces should be clear. A mop and cleaner is located behind every nurses station for use 24/7 and all departments are responsible to help keep facility clean.

Walkie Talkies: Overhead and Phone paging should only be used for emergencies and exceptions; Walkie Talkies are to be used for all daily communication and paging.

Linen: Blankets, towels, and washcloths are not to be kept in resident rooms or any areas other than designated linen closets. If you see stored linen please return to laundry so that we can have correct amount of linen stocked.

Assignments and Daily Responsibilities

Just a friendly reminder that we do not work set assignments at Heartland of Uptown Westerville. Any employee in any department can answer a call light and we are all responsible to take care of the patients the best we can. Floor staff assignments may change as needed and staff are expected to assist on any unit. As all of you are rounding in the facility, please make sure you are helping and tidying up as you go.


We are beyond lucky to have such a wonderful team at Heartland of Uptown and we are so appreciative of all that you do each and every day. The work that you do makes a difference to the patients, families and employees and we are grateful for your time and dedication.