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This month’s newsletter focuses on perseverance. We have all wanted to give up at one time or another when things become too difficult. It’s important to work towards overcoming our obstacles and fears to move us closer towards our goals. As role models, we can help our kids develop resilience, determination, and grit. There are some simple ways we can do this.

As parents, it is difficult to watch your child struggle with learning something. The natural instinct is to jump right in and help or fix it. If you think of learning as a process, then you know that sometimes failure is part of that process. If your child is struggling with homework or a puzzle, you may want to ask, “What else could you try?” or “What can you change or do differently?” If they are still struggling supply a brief hint or clue that will still allow them to “solve” the problem on their own. You can also encourage your child to try a new skill. If your child is taking a new art class, learning a new skateboarding trick, or a new video game, you can encourage them by letting them know how proud you are that they are trying something new.

Remind them that no one is perfect at something the first time they try something new. You might also share a story of a time you tried something new, and how challenging it was for you. Acknowledge your child’s small accomplishments, and before you know it, you will have built a solid foundation for perseverance to grow.

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