Common Myths about GT learners

3 Myths about GT learners

1. "Gifted students are good role models for other students and can provide a challenge for them in a regular classroom." I didn't realize that having a student who is struggling try to mirror a GT learner who is zipping through the work would be discouraging. It is something that seems unattainable for that learner.

2. "Gifted students develop socially and emotionally faster than other children their age."

Often as adults, we make the mistake of thinking that just because these gifted learners are advanced academically doesn't mean they mature faster. We have to remember that they are maturing at the same rate as their peers.

3. "Gifted students are so smart they can do fine on their own in school and don’t need help. And they always get great grades."

Gifted learners are not always gifted in every subject area, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Some gifted learners are not challenged enough therefore they get bored, act out, and develop bad learning habits.

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Questions I Have

1. How can I as an educator help those gifted learners cope when they are struggling with a subject or concept? I know that sometimes it is hard for them to admit that they don't understand something because it makes them feel like a failure. How can I be sensitive, but also support and help them?

2. Sometimes with my GT learners, I notice that if they do not enjoy a certain subject, they will not put forth their best effort. How can I motivate them to work on those weaker areas?

What I can do right now!

I will stop pairing my low/struggling students with my gifted and talented learners. I did not realize how hard it would be for those struggling students to feel like they had to measure up to GT learners.