TouchPoints helps you connect or reconnect with people who care about your organization. Your members and donors are constantly changing – they move homes, they cancel their landline in favor of a cell phone, they create new email addresses, and they start new Twitter handles. Despite their love for your organization, they don’t always remember to tell you their current contact information. Our experienced team can help you locate your missing person or lost contact even if their last known address is 10+ years old.

Our proprietary solution will help you update, organize, and optimize your membership and donor records to reach your best audience for every fundraising, networking, and outreach opportunity. You could be corresponding with your organization’s friends in mere moments thanks to the lightning fast search options and amazing resources of TouchPoints!

Unlike the Competition

TouchPoints, unlike the telephone white pages or the US Post Office National Change of Address Registry, uses a proprietary methodology to interrogate dozens of databases and historical record sets to find and identify people even if they have moved 5 times during the last 10 years. Better yet: the only information needed for TouchPoints to initiate a search is:

--Person’s Name (first and last, even a maiden name or alias) and

--Any city the person has lived in (not necessarily their current address)

And unlike the competition, you only pay for the names we are able to find. Why should your organization have to pay if we do not provide any results? We do not think you should have to, so we only charge you for those former members we are able to locate.

Case Study #1

Whatever happened to Mandy Smith? Mandy lived in and attended college in Chicago from 1996 - 2000. After graduating, she regularly contributed to her college’s annual fund raising request letter, but since 2003, the college did not hear from her. In 2012, TouchPoints was asked to help locate Mandy Smith and was provided with her name and an old dormitory address that the university had on file. Through its advanced search capabilities, TouchPoints was able locate her. Since her last donation, Mandy got married, changed jobs twice, cancelled her land line phone in favor of a cell phone, and moved to Denver before settling in Florida. Mandy Smith is now Amanda Jones living in North Palm Beach. Happy to reconnect, she is now an active member of the local South Florida alumni chapter of her university. Can TouchPoints help you find someone?

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

TouchPoints offers a wide range of services that can help your organization update its donor, member, or volunteer records at an affordable price. We are so confident in our accuracy that we stand behind our results with a 100% money-back guarantee. Our goal is to help your organization reach its milestones, whether they are financial or increased participation, for a particular project or long-term giving. We have a solution that will fit your specific needs.


TouchPoints can find the following information about your contacts:

--First Name, Last Name

--Current Address(es)

--Current Phone Number(s)

--Date of Birth

--Date of Death


Research shows that in any given year, approximately 20% of an organization’s data is incorrect because of name or address changes. TouchPoints wants to help your organization avoid wasting limited resources and slowing down your development, volunteer, and membership departments that are working from incorrect or outdated information in your system.

Customize Your Data

TouchPoints works with you on your unique search needs. At TouchPoints, we understand that different projects and even different lists within your organization may require different solutions. TouchPoints will customize and filter the results to a format that fits your organization's needs, making the process a seamless transition.