government and the constitution

how they are made

The first ten amendments make up the Bill of Rights,for an amendment to be ratified two thirds of the state legislatures must call on congress to hold a constitutional convention no matter how the amendment is proposed,then it must be ratified by the states and three fourths of the states must approve it via conventions.

how many are there

there are 27 amendments but over 10,000 have been suggested

the bill of rights

Written by James Madison in response to states wanting more constitutional protection for individuals liberties,they list prohibitions of government power Madison was influenced by the Virginia declaration of rights.the bill of rights were written in 1791.Madison a member of congress wanted to make changes to the constitution but others led by roger Sherman said congress had no authority to change the constitution so he proposed them as amendments that would follow article VII. The house approved 17 amendments and the Senate approved 12 of these 17,those 12 were sent to the states and 10 were quickly ratified and Virginia became the last to ratify on December 15,1791.