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From the Chief School Administrator

As the crisp fall air rolls in and as we fall upon the close of marking period one, we have accomplished much at LAC School. A few weeks ago, we completed the first off-site school-wide evacuation in over 20 years. We are proud say that everything went incredibly smooth, with a modicum of teachable moments. We are also proud to have celebrated Violence & Vandalism Week along with Red Ribbon Week, bringing attention to the dangers of drug addiction and alcohol abuse.

For your information, I've also included an infographic that relates to ED-68 virus that has started to appear in our area. The best advice: WASH YOUR HANDS!

Your students are safe here at LAC. If anything happens, make sure you are on our text messaging system. As always, feel free to contact me at school if you have any questions or concerns. --Jay Eitner, CSA

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REMINDER: November Board of Education Meeting - regular

Tuesday, Nov. 11th, 7pm

967 Main St

Salem, NJ

In Mrs. Ceaser's Class...

First Grade has been very busy so far this school year. In September, we welcomed four new students to our class and Miss McClain moved from Kindergarten to join us as well.

Each day begins with Miss Laws coming into the classroom to help us with math. So far, we have worked on addition and subtraction fact families through 10 with an emphasis on finding the missing number in a number sentence. We have used lots of counters and snap cubes and have learned to count up to solve problems. Almost every day, we use the iPads to work on ST Math, which is helping us to learn new mathematical concepts.

Much of our day is spent on language arts. We have just completed the first of six reading books that we will cover this year. We know how to read many new words and have worked with word families and short vowel sounds and patterns. Nouns, verbs, adjectives and writing complete sentences have also been studied. We have also worked with Mrs. Bradford and are having lots of fun using iPads to work on myOn Reading, Raz-Kids, and other digital activities.

Our class has also learned about communities, citizenship, jobs, goods and services, and animal and plant life cycles. Did you know that there is a forest in Panama that has trees with square trunks?

First Graders know all about breaking up problems into their smallest parts, so we have an encouraging message for everyone. There is a giant inchworm on the bulletin board in the back our classroom that reminds us daily, “Inch by inch, anything is a cinch!”

In Spanish Classes...

El día de los muertos

Students have been learning about the 4,000 year old Aztec holiday known as El día de los muertos- the Day of the Dead. It is a celebration to honor, respect and remember the lives of loved ones who have passed away. It is a way to keep their love, happiness and wonderful personalities alive so others will enjoy them as well. Click here to learn more about El día de los muertos.

In Mrs. Harris' Classes...

4th Graders are busy, busy, busy in ELA. Along with increasing their vocabulary and spelling skills, they are reviewing paragraph writing and letter writing. They are learning about exploring new places, like the prairie and Southwest, and they are also creating documents and presentations in Google! They are so excited to present what they have learned with the class. In Social Studies, they are learning about NJ’s regions and the Lenape Native Americans. They can’t believe that it’s November already. Time flies when you’re having fun!!!

Simon Reich

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