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The climate in Hawaii is very warm.It has two seasons summer and winter.Summer weather is 85 and the winter is 78. Also the wind always go in the same direction (northeast).Lastly the trade winds often bring rain which is why the northeast is greener then the southwest side of the island.


Hawaii does not border any states but it is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. Also their capital is Honolulu.

Foods from hawaii

They have sugar cane, pineapple,coffee beans,bananas. tropical flowers,gauva, fish,pig smoked pork,loimo salmon,taro, and coconunts


Visit Hawaii main park and there's volcano's there and don't forget about all the islands.

Interesting landforms

Hawaii has eight islands Maui, Kahhokaui, Landai, Molokia, Oahaio, Kaui, and Niihiua.Hawaii has three active volcano and one is a submarine volcano. A submarine volcano is a underwater volcano.Snow can cover the top of Hawaii tallest mountains.They have waterfalls and a big desert and a lot of sandy beaches.
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Interesting facts about Hawaii

Their sports are soccer, basketball, football, volleyball, softball,baseball, and surfing. Females like to wear a grass skirt. Also no one wears shoes.Lastly Hawaii has five different color of sand white, black,red,yellow,green.

Important people

The famous people from Hawaii are Brock Obama, Brno Mars, Bethany Hamilton,Carrie Ann Enaba and many others.

Fun things to do when you are bored

You surf, horse back ride, swim with the dolphins and sting rays,do a flip off a mountain,snorkel,scuba dive,surfing, white water rafting and you can jump off a mountain.

The animals in hawaii

The animals in hawaii are sharks, lizards, parrots, dolphins, seals,sea turtles,frogs,octupus, lion,monkey, crab, alitagtor, kangroo,and fish
Hawaii - Aloha-Oe Song