Panther Publication

March 16, 2020

School Closure

As you know, we will be closed from March 16-April 3. At this point, we are anticipating the students returning on April 6. As information is known and plans are determined, look for updates through both Panther Parents and our Facebook page. Please be advised of the following information so far:

  • All international field trips are cancelled.
  • All out of state field trips are postponed or cancelled.
  • All in state field trips are postponed or cancelled from now until April 30th.
  • All events that fall within the window of school closure will be postponed or cancelled.

We are working on postponing all of our trips and events. These are unprecedented times and your patience is appreciated. Hopefully, this will be a short event and life will get back to normal soon.

Spring Clean Up Day

Our Spring Clean Up day was a huge success! I want to thank everyone who gave any time for this event. Because of the turn out, we were able to pressure wash sidewalks, beautify the back doorway and complete the first phase of our playground project. I know time is a precious item to give up; especially on a weekend. Thank you again! Cleveland Elementary parents are the best!

Daddy/Daughter Dance

Due to being closed, we are moving our Daddy/Daughter dance to Saturday, April 18th. All money for this event will be due on April 14. This date may have to be adjusted based on how everything develops over the next couple of weeks.

Camp Cosby

The new dates for Camp Cosby will be May 13-15. Please make these adjustments on your calendar. As time gets closer, we will send out additional information about this trip

Online Resources

I know many of you may want your children to continue to have academic resources. If you go to the Cleveland Elementary School website at and click on the Online Resources button, you will be able to have several websites to choose from for your child. There is also information about the Coronavirus that will link you to information found on the district website.