Bronco Chronicles

Volume 24, Week(s) 2/27- 3/10

Lead Learner's Message

Goooooood morning #BroncoStrong faculty and staff. The twenty-sixth and twenty seventh weeks of school were hectic yet full of learning and progress! We are almost there and Spring Break is upon us! Please stay vigilant with your assigned duties and keep building positive realtionships with our kiddos. More importantly, keep teaching and keep growing our kids academically, socially and emotionally.

Now, let's make this Friday the best Friday of the week!

#BroncoStrong #BroncoNation

To Do List / Upcoming Events

1. Progress reports will be in 2nd pd teachers' boxes on 3/20, please send them home with the kiddos.

2. 3/22 attend STAAR testing training (either 7am or 4pm)

3. 3/22, School Board Meeting

4. 3/24, Bronco Track Team travels to Eastland

5. Please remember to submit at least two TELPAS writing samples for each CORE subject by 3/23. (if you have done one already, wait until the end of the sample window, thus giving the kids time to show language acquisition growth)


Formative assessments: use them daily, as they should drive your instruction. Remember, they can come in various formats - entrance tickets, exit tickets, structured conversations, conga line activities, inside/outside circles, four corners with structured conversations or writing activities. These are just a few, so please make sure you are doing daily checks to inform future instruction.
What Is Formative Assessment?
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Last volume, the JH photo was of Mrs. Jones. Mr. Burchett guessed correctly and claimed his prize! (an EZ Grader)

Who's that junior high student?

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Genius Hour Proposals

Please make sure the genius hour proposals are in the shared Google Sheet. We have some cool ideas in the works: a functional model car from recycled materials, a documentary on Genius Hour, presentation of the effectiveness of DIY videos, creating a compost tumbler for the school, and many others.

Please make sure you follow the guidelines...if you don't remember the specifics, PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO VINCE MADE as a refresher.

6 fun facts about St. Patrick's Day
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